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  • RT @TNRiverkeeper: Riverkeeper removed more than 1,250 pounds of aquatic litter from Whites Creek and the shoreline. Most of the litter was…
  • RT @NashTreeSavers: Shoutout to metro councilwoman Angie Henderson for consistently working to put Nashvillians' quality of life over that…


Angie Henderson District 34 Councilwoman

As your councilperson, I pledge to

  • Be accessible and responsive. I will listen to your concerns, and we will find solutions to your problems.
  • Be informed and keep you informed. I will be consistent in my research and communication.
  • Be detail oriented and see the big picture. I will keep a close watch on and actively participate in discussions and decisions that have an impact on District 34.
  • Be engaged and encourage good ideas. I will organize conversations and collaborations that help the residents of District 34.
  • Be a strong voice for all the people of Green Hills, Oak Hill, Forest Hills, and Bellevue. I will never hesitate to speak up on behalf of neighborhood residents.

Meet Angie

Upcoming Events

  1. June 25 @ 5:00 pm - 7:00 pm
    Appetizers with Angie
    Location: Taylor Family
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  • Almost all neighborhoods are “walkable” to a certain degree, but in Nashville most are NOT safely or enjoyably walkable. If you live in District 34, can you safely walk to Radnor Lake or the Warner Parks? Probably not. Can you safely walk to the major artery where a transit line runs? Probably not. And if you can make it there, are you “rewarded” for your effort by standing in a ditch to wait for the bus? Probably. Nashville has an … read more

  • In every other major city in which I have lived, I have been a daily transit rider. In San Francisco, I rode the bus (or the cable car!) to and from work 5 days a week. In New York, I rode the subway everywhere. In Philadelphia, I rode the train from the suburbs to downtown. When I was a child and lived on West End for a few years, I rode the bus with my mom and dad to the … read more