Your Next Vice Mayor


I am running to serve as Nashville’s vice mayor.

Representing the neighborhoods of southwest Nashville on the Metro Council has been an honor and a privilege. Serving my constituents for the past eight years has been a daily, behind-the-scenes look at how Metro Government works and what our departments need so they can do their best for all citizens. As a council member, when I see or hear about a problem in my district, I seek first to understand it and then to fix it—not just for my constituents, but for the entire city. I do this knowing that everything in a city is connected, and our city is stronger when we work together for lasting solutions.

Among the many reasons I first ran for office in 2015 was to address Nashville’s alarming lack of sidewalks. I have been successful in that work, delivering major, countywide legislation, which was 80 years overdue and that previous councils found too daunting to undertake. Crafting and passing a bill is only half the challenge–ensuring that legislation is implemented consistently and correctly, is fine-tuned, and is not preempted by the state legislature is an ongoing endeavor. I have a strategic vision for the immense amount of policy work needed to create a vibrant, fiscally and environmentally sustainable city, and it would be an honor to lead and support the Council in that work as vice mayor.

I have been an active member of the Budget & Finance Committee and an effective vice chair and chair of three major committees: Public Works (now Transportation & Infrastructure); the Parks, Libraries, & Arts Committee; and the Charter Revision Committee. In 2021, I was elected by my colleagues to represent the Council on the Traffic & Parking Commission, engaging one of our city’s biggest challenges–a safe network of roadways for a truly multi-modal transportation system. Serving in a wide variety of Council leadership roles motivates me to step up now and answer the call to provide much-needed direction at a pivotal moment in the history of the Council and of Metro Government.

The vice mayor is the president of the Metropolitan Council. Chartered in 1963, our municipal government (the first in the USA to fully consolidate a city and a county) celebrates its 60th anniversary this year with a state-imposed downsizing of the 40-member Council looming. Simply put, we need a thoughtful leader with strong communication and organization skills to navigate the major changes that lie ahead. 

After several difficult and volatile years for our city, on August 3rd, Nashville can chart a new course for the future. My record of leadership is clear. It would be an honor to serve as your vice mayor.

An effective vice major ensures our city’s success. I look forward to the work ahead.

With appreciation and best wishes,